Buddytree is coming soon.

My name is Glen Brauer and I'm currently assembling a team to create an alternative platform to Meetup.com.
It's been a long time coming that there was an alternative to Meetup which focused on providing quality experiences for people, not just bringing people together in the same physical space and assuming that community will magically develop.
My experience includes over 25 years as a software developer and eight years helping to organize over 1,500 Meetup events in 11 countries as the founder of the Meaningful Discussions project.
I have also spent five years as a friendship researcher and I'm the founder of Friendship Bootcamp.
Glen Brauer
Founder & CEO
More of Our Team
Steve Wong
Application Architect
Dawn Sampson
Production Coordinator
Paul Brassard
Business Advisor
James Ferguson
Project Manager
Mira Soullen
Marketing Advisor

Upgrade your social life.

You are born into your family tree, but your buddytree is yours to create.