Who created Buddytree and why?

Buddytree was developed by Glen Brauer who is also the founder of the Meaningful Discussions project...

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Frequently asked questions

Ideally, how will my life be different after working with a friendship coach?

You will have created new friendships with interesting people.
Your existing friendships will be strengthened.
You will be able to see your friends on a regular basis.
Your experiences with your friends will be more fun, engaging and meaningful.
You will have a greater sense of belonging and community in your life.

What is the cost of your services?

Each coach sets their own pricing, so please see their individual profiles for their hourly rates.

Can we chat a bit before I commit to a session?

Sure, most of our coaches provide free consultation sessions.

What kinds of people do you work with?

People who have focused on other things in their life such as their career, but for whatever reason they haven't been able to spend as much time as they would like on their friendships.
People who could use some new and interesting friends in their life, and/or who would like to improve their existing friendships.
People who are humble enough to admit that they don't have perfect friendships skills.
People who are excited and enthusiastic about upgrading their social life.

What are the minimal requirements?

You must be a minimum of 18 years or older.
You must be willing to put in some time and effort to follow through with the strategies provided based on the goals that we will establish for you.

When will the sessions take place?

Sessions will be scheduled based on your availability as well as my existing client schedule.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Follow the website links provided depending on the coach that you select.

I'm ready to get started, what do I do?

Browse the available coaches and select one that meets your needs and preferences, then click on their website link in order to book a session.

Why is this website called Buddytree?

Many people consider their friends to be the members of their chosen family. This is why we say - you are born into your family tree, but your buddytree is yours to create.

Who can I contact if I still have more questions?

Contact Glen Brauer at glenb@buddytree.org or 604-363-0442.
Feel free to view our videos videos as well.
Send me your feedback:
Whether you're experiencing a problem or you've got an idea to make Buddytree better, I'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to email me at glenb@buddytree.org