Who created Buddytree and why?

Buddytree was developed by Glen Brauer who is also the founder of the Meaningful Discussions project...

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Frequently asked questions

What are the main goals of Buddytree?

Our goals are to establish a team of friendship coaches within Canada and in other countries in order to significantly reduce the loneliness epidemic.

How much can I charge for my services to Buddytree clients?

This is completely up to you. If you're not sure, you may want to check out the profiles of the other coaches to see what they charge.

What obligations do I have to be available for Buddytree clients as a friendship coach?

This is simply based on your existing availability. Our website is simply designed to bring you new clients who have various friendship challenges, which is likely already a subset of your existing clients. You can always deactivate your profile at any time (i.e. if you're away on vacation).

How and when will the site be promoted?

We will start our first Google Ads marketing campaign once we have at least ten friendship coaches on our team. We will be using this video to promote the site: View promo video

Is it free to sign up as a coach?

Yes, there are no fees involved whatsoever in becoming a coach.

What are the qualifications required in becoming a coach?

We are currently looking for life coaches, counsellors, psychologists and social workers to be part of our friendship coaching team.

How can I sign up as a coach?

Contact Glen Brauer at glenb@buddytree.org or 604-363-0442 and he will create an account for you to sign in.

How will Buddytree clients be able to book sessions with me?

If a client is interested in your services by viewing your profile on our site, then they'll contact you via your website or email address until our internal booking system is completed which is currently under development.

How does Buddytree make money?

Buddytree receives 10% from each session booked in the system. These funds are used to promote the site in order to bring new clients to you.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact Glen Brauer at glenb@buddytree.org or 604-363-0442.
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