Frequently asked questions:

How is Buddytree different than Facebook?

Facebook is about staying connected online whereas Buddytree is about building meaningful friendships offline, face to face. Facebook encourages you to 'friend' as many people as possible while Buddytree is about quality, not quantity.

How is Buddytree different than Meetup?

Meetup lets you schedule public events with a monthly subscription fee whereas Buddytree lets you schedule private events for free. There is no inherent trust when meeting someone at a Meetup event whereas everyone you meet at a Buddytree event has been vouched for by someone you know.

How can I grow my buddytree?

You grow your buddytree by sending out invitations to your buddies. They will also invite people to join their buddytrees whom you can invite to your events. You can also check out to find people looking for new buddies in your city.