Who created Buddytree and why?

Buddytree was developed by Glen Brauer who is the founder of the Meaningful Discussions project...

Ashley Greensmyth
I believe that the quality of our friendships can reflect the quality of our inner world. Let’s explore and clarify together.
My specialty areas:
having more fun and laughter
I’m a whimsical person, and I believe that humour is medicine. Leaning into activities that help you feel playful, curious and fun can make for more entertaining social experiences. This can include going to paint nights, hosting home parties, going to comedy shows, and watching funny movies.
having more confidence/self-esteem
I know that what you believe about yourself effects your ability to make friends and create deep, meaningful connections. Low self-esteem can hold you back; gaining clarity about your strengths can help you increase your confidence.
becoming an organizer
I'm very comfortable organizing activities with friends, especially one-on-one or small groups. This includes going to museums and art galleries, movie nights, concerts, barbecues, and casual hangouts for good conversation.
Other areas I can help with:
developing female friendships
having better conversations
developing deeper connections
having more one-on-one time
having more group experiences
dealing with fear of rejection
dealing with shyness/social anxiety
More about me:
I work as a Registered Clinical Counsellor helping people with anxiety, stress, confidence and relationships. In my spare time during COVID, I’ve been organizing concert playlists and hosting concerts over Zoom. As a therapist, I can help guide you to create more satisfying connections.
My availability:
video sessions (i.e. via Zoom)
I'm not available:
Mondays, Tuesday evening, Thursday before noon
Booking info:
◾ free 15 minute consultation available
◾ $88/hr (CAD)
◾ Time zone: America/Los_Angeles
Book a session with me via my website:
Send me your feedback:
Whether you're experiencing a problem or you've got an idea to make Buddytree better, I'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to email me at glenb@buddytree.org