Who created Buddytree and why?

Buddytree was developed by Glen Brauer who is the founder of the Meaningful Discussions project...

Aleesa Sutton
I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and specialize in helping people with their relationships using science-based methods.
My specialty areas:
having better conversations
Many people want to truly connect with others but don't know how. I can help you get past the superficial to the real by learning what questions to ask and how to share about yourself. Making deeper connections takes time and effort and with my help, you'll know how.
having more one-on-one time
How do you get from "nice to meet you" to actually hanging out with an interesting new person? Or spending more time with someone you already know you like? I'm very experienced with organizing one-on-one time with my friends. I have the resources and know-how to help you too.
dealing with loneliness & isolation
Loneliness is the modern world's epidemic. You are not alone in feeling alone! We humans are wired for social connection. As someone who's lived alone for many years, I've spent lots of time finding ways to be comfortable being by myself while also having a healthy social life.
Other areas I can help with:
developing male friendships
developing female friendships
having more fun and laughter
developing a sense of community
developing deeper connections
having more group experiences
dealing with friendship breakups
dealing with fear of rejection
dealing with shyness/social anxiety
having more confidence/self-esteem
becoming an organizer
More about me:
Having lived in five cities in four different countries, I've had to start my social circle from scratch many times. I've learned how to build a sustaining social network wherever I am. This pandemic has shown us just how crucial our social connections are and I am keen to help others build them!
My availability:
phone sessions
video sessions (i.e. via Zoom)
in-person sessions
I'm not available:
Booking info:
◾ free 30 minute consultation available
◾ $115/hr (CAD)
◾ Time zone: America/Los_Angeles
Book a session with me via my website:
Send me your feedback:
Whether you're experiencing a problem or you've got an idea to make Buddytree better, I'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to email me at glenb@buddytree.org