Who created Buddytree and why?

Buddytree was developed by Glen Brauer who is the founder of the Meaningful Discussions project...

Rod Williams
Shared virtues & views are pillars in one's life to connect with, lean on, look up to and not do without. Let's discover yours.
My specialty areas:
having more fun and laughter
Google says, Laughter -relaxes the whole body, boosts the immune system, triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals, protects the heart & burns calories." Google says, Fun -(used as an adjective) is "amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable." 0 negativity. Giddy-up.
having better conversations
Conversation does not have to be smart, witty & outlandish all the time. Think of it as connecting. People reach out to others, ask questions and talk in general for the voice of another to do the same in return. When you strip it down to that, it's a lot less daunting. Conversing is connecting.
having more confidence/self-esteem
People believe more in their self-doubt, than their self-worth. You weren't born to be a shell of the person you could be. If you don't see the you you were meant to be, how can others? If you don't feel your potential is infinite, let's find out why together and make it so.
Other areas I can help with:
developing male friendships
developing female friendships
developing a sense of community
developing deeper connections
having more group experiences
dealing with loneliness & isolation
dealing with friendship breakups
dealing with fear of rejection
dealing with shyness/social anxiety
becoming an organizer
More about me:
I am a Certified Life Coach & Personal Trainer that has been helping clients discover their potential for 12 years. I am passionate about progress & discovering what one thinks they are lacking, finding it & turning it into their greatest strength. Life is a one shot deal. Take risks. Enjoy it.
My availability:
phone sessions
video sessions (i.e. via Zoom)
I'm not available:
Please feel free to e-mail so we can discuss booking details and availability together.
Booking info:
◾ free 30 minute consultation available
◾ $160/hr (CAD)
◾ Time zone: America/New_York
Book a session with me via my website:
Send me your feedback:
Whether you're experiencing a problem or you've got an idea to make Buddytree better, I'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to email me at glenb@buddytree.org